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Mediation Services

What Is Mediation?

When possible, avoiding litigation reduces costs and stress to all parties involved while allowing you to remain in control of your own future. Mediation is one of the tools that can be used to avoid the fighting often associated with family court. 

​Mediation is process where two people who are involved in a dispute work with a neutral third party to try to find a compromise that both parties accept. The neutral, or mediator, is not a judge and does not make decisions about your case. They work with you (and your attorney if you have one) to facilitate communication and try to find a middle ground to settle your dispute. By settling through mediation, the parties avoid the necessity of a trial and save themselves thousands or even tens of thousand of dollars in court costs.

Our Services

David J. McWilliam has completed the necessary courses and certification process to practice as a Certified Family Court Mediator. His experience as a family law attorney and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner bring valuable knowledge to the mediation process to help achieve a resolution in any family law dispute.

Mediation is now required in all family court disputes in South Carolina. We believe that early mediation is the key to avoiding court costs and attorney's fees by finding compromises without making quick decisions based on emotions. The Law Office of David J. McWilliam has mediation services available for court-appointed mediation as well as voluntary mediation at any point during the process, even prior to filing an action.

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